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Heartening Amitabh Bachchan Quotes and Motivational Thoughts

Greatest actor of the century, Amitabh Bachchan is a famous Indian film actor. He is known for his undoubted acting and his great contribution to Indian Film Industry. Beside a famous actor, he is renowned for a dedicated film producer, television host, occasional playback singer and former politician. Amitabh Bachchan – Star of the Millennium […]

Motivational Hard Work Quotes That Will ignite You

Nothing is impossible, and everything is possible. Yes, through true dedication and sincere hard work, you can achieve anything in life. Even the most impossible task will become the easiest task for you. Hard Work is a basic necessity in order to attain success & growth in all aspects of life. Not a single penny […]

Motivational Shayari in Hindi | मोटिवेशनल शायरी एवं क्वोट्स हिन्दी में..!

भाग्य और दूसरों को दोस क्यों देना जब सपने हमारे हैं तो कोशिश भी तो हमारी होनी चाहिए | दोस्तों साइंस में रिचार्ज हुई है की आज इंसान की एवरेज उम्र 78 साल की मानी गई है और इन 78 साल में हमारे पास सिर्फ 9 साल 6 महीने होते हैं यानी टोटल करने पर […]

Hindi Motivational Quotes and Thoughts: हिन्दी मोटिवेशनल क्वोट्स और विचार

इस दुनिया में कोई ऐसा मुक़ाम या मंज़िल ऐसी नहीं है जो इंसान की पहुँच से दूर हो। बिल गेट्स, स्टीव जॉव, माइकल जैक्सन, सचिन तेंदुलकर, नेल्सन मंडेला आदि जितने भी सफ़ल और इतिहास बदलने वाले लोग इस दुनियाँ में हुए है, क्या आप जानते है कि इन सभी लोगो की सफ़लता का राज़ क्या […]

Best Motivational Quotes That Can Motivate You To Do Something Big

Motivation is the key to success for all humans, not just for the succeeding purpose even you need motivation for your Personal life issues as well as for Professional life issues. We can work on any project which helps us to grow in life but if someone or sometimes we motivate us then that work never […]

Top YouTuber Motivational Speakers of India: You Should Know?

Being ambitious in life is the foremost quality of one and all. So if you want to become a motivated person, then check out really ambitious quotes by top motivational speakers of India. Motivation is an impulse due to which a person acts or behaves in a particular way. Due to this impulsive action whether […]

Motivational Quotes to Inspire the Writer Inside You

Inside everyone, a writer is waiting for their chance to shine. In varying ways, everyone has the opportunity to bring a page to life. At times, though, it takes an extra push of motivation to wake that inner writer up. One of the best ways to find this motivation is to look into the past […]

Most Popular Motivational Quotes That will Change Your Life

Nobody in the world is the same. One might be good at one thing and bad at the other while the other person might be the opposite person. When at times, you lack the most essential things in life that keeps you going, the other person might be full of it. The thing that keeps […]

100+ Best Motivational Suvichar in Hindi With Meaning (2019)

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100+ Motivational Chanakya Quotes in Hindi about Life (2019)

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